ADVERTISEMENT - With the Dutch capital becoming more popular each day, here are five completely acceptable reasons why now is the time to go to Amsterdam.

1. Festivals, festivals and oh yeah! more festivals

Festivals, festivals and oh yeah! more festivals

You’ve heard it before, “Go to Amsterdam! It’s so much fun!” and if you haven’t you will soon as a growing European city. But why is this? What is the fascination with Amsterdam nowadays? Could it be its eco-friendly bikes? Could it be the scenery? Could it be the nightlife? All of these could be crucial contributing factors as to why now may be a perfect time to go to Amsterdam, but here are five more reasons as to why 2017 may be your year to go to this Dutch city.

Home to some of the biggest DJ’s in the world, oh you like that upbeat house techno song? There’s most likely a Dutch DJ somewhere in that mix, and home to some of the best electronic music, a festival is likely taking place with upbeat music playing. More than 300 festivals take place in a year throughout the city. Think about it, there’s 365 days in a year, and 300 festivals in a year, including holidays such as Queen’s day. No matter when you visit there’s bound to be a festival going on with music, food and drinks, and carnivals.

2. Outdoor seatings and Terraces

Outdoor seatings and Terraces

Amsterdam is a city that likes to do things outdoors, whether it’s drinking, socialise, or just eat, it has always been a city to enjoy nature. Home to some of the nicest terraces in Europe, the Dutch will settle for a bohemian beach or a cool and chill rooftop.

3. Canal Cruises

Canal Cruises

We know, we know, in any European city it’s very common to take a mini cruise around a city to see its many landmarks, but Amsterdam is different. How so? With its colourful houses, and different boats to take you around, it’s almost as if you’re not in a city, but rather a small village out of a Disney film. After all the history of Amsterdam stems from its waters. While going down its canals, you can also view all of the city’s sites and also learn many interesting facts. It is now also a UNESCO world heritage site.

4. Eco-Friendly and Safe

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Two important things in today’s world, climate change, and safety. With Amsterdam being one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world, it’s no wonder it’s a place to visit and feel better. With bicycles being one of the number one transportation in the city, it’s a different and unique way to view the city and take in the Dutch air rather than sit in a car and view it, you also get a workout in! Also, Amsterdam ranked in the top 15 safest cities in the world.

5. Street Markets Galore!

Street Markets Galore!

Whether you’re a fan or not, street markets are a big thing in the Dutch capital. The Dutch have a special love for their street markets and will have no trouble getting their visitors to do so as well. Almost every day you will see a street market. From antiques to fashion, to food, there’s something for everyone. It’s not just the vendors that will grasp your attention, food stalls, and bars and live music will add to this experience.

So enjoy Amsterdam with peace and tranquility and get some fresh air and view the city like a local and go to a festival and dance your problems away as Amsterdam is growing and will be a city remembered for a lifetime.


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