- Married couples and people who are in love most likely engage in romantic activities. They hold hands, go on dates, travel together, and later become intimate in the bedroom. Aside from bringing two individuals closer, did you know that love-making actually has different health benefits? In fact, it has the ability to heal some diseases.

According to studies in Scotland, if a couple has regular intercourse two to three times a day, they are less prone to heart disease and stroke. Also, if you are sexually active, then you are less likely to get allergies.

Experts compared the effects of having s3x to eating sweet comfort food and discovered that they have the same effects. It lessens stress as it triggers the pleasure passageways of the brain. Making love also improves your mood and makes you more optimistic.

Furthermore, people with an active love life will also sleep better after intercourse. It improves the quality of sleep and you feel better when you wake up.

Making love is also beneficial to those who want to shed some pounds. 30-minute intercourse is equivalent to losing 85 calories.

You might notice that morning glow on your skin after making love. It can make a person look more youthful. The radiance is a result of better mood and reduced stress. In addition, you will have naturally flushed skin as due to the arousal process.

So, how about those who do not have an active s3x life? Sadly, they are prone to different health risks. Women who are not active are more susceptible to endometrial cancer which is in the lining of the uterus. Meanwhile, men who have difficulty “finishing the deed” are often are at risk of prostate cancer.

According to Dr. Vic Fileto T. Chua, wet dreams are actually helpful to those who do not have partners. It will flush secretions which should leave the body.

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